Sunday, September 26, 2021


 I started and finished a small Swedish weaving project and a recent class taught at my EGA meeting:

This is a type of surface work done on an old-timey type of fabric called huck fabric.  It's fun and relaxing.

Another recent start is a class with my ANG group, Orchid Lady.  It's been ages since I have stitched on congress cloth.  I am loving the big holes, definitely easier on my eyes.  I decided to change the colors from the original and paint the canvas:

And finally, my Randje per week with butterflies sampler.  I have always admired the Randje per week samplers, however, I've never stitched all in one color before and knew I wouldn't be able to maintain interest in a large project without multiple colors.  So colorful butterflies (from Carriage House Samplings 1814 Butterfly Collection) are scattered amongst the randjes:

To the right of the rust and purple butterfly is the Queen Ann's Lace stitch from a type of embroidery called Wessex Stitching. I love Wessex Stitching and will be teaching this stitch as a class for my EGA group in 2022.  I decided to add it here for practice and .... just because.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Stitching.

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