Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beginning ....

Hello and Welcome ..... my name is Marcy and this is my blog. Mostly it will be about my Stitchy stuff but I'll probably be tossing in some Doggy stuff and some Flowery stuff if the mood hits me.

Here are some of my recent stitchy finishes:

The above little stumpwork bird was a class taught at my EGA chapter in 2007. Isn't he cute?

This Scarecrow is a Laura J Perin (one of my favorite designers) piece. I stitched him on congress cloth and just used threads from my stash, except for the overdyed thread used for the leaves in the border.

This little guy is called Tirolean Santa. I forget the designer. I was working on him when my young nephews were visiting last year at Thanksgiving. It was fun because they were interested in the stitching process and offered help with designing the snowflakes. After helping me, the youngest leaned over the couch and asked if I would give Santa to them. How could I resist? Of course, I finished, framed and sent Santa to S Carolina for Christmas.

Now I need to make another one for me.

Skinny Santa is one of the few I stitched in red. I just think he is cool looking. Again, I don't remember the designer but it's one of a series of tall skinny Santas. I'm trying to stitch a Santa collection by stitching a new one each year. He's my 2008 Santa.

These 3 smalls have been sitting around in a drawer for a few years, probably since 2004 or 05, just waiting for me to learn how to finish them into something. A couple weeks ago, I decided to bite the bullet and learn how to do this. I'm so proud!

This is the Mary Wigham sampler and you can see I have lots more to stitch. Now, don't think for a minute that this is my only WIP .... it's the only one with a photo. Perhaps I should take pics of the other ones ... it may give me the subtle nudge to get back to them.

And with that thought, I bid goodbye until the next time and in the words of my favorite little ghouls: