Monday, June 27, 2011

Entertaining house guests .....

I had the cutest house guests the last 2 weeks -- 3 little boy beagle pups:

So needless to say, I haven't really gotten much done in the way of stitching, house work or gardening.

I did manage to get one of my Crazy January Challenge pieces finished -- yay -- Jane Austen On Weather by the Sampler Girl:

Plus I spent some time on StickLounge SAL's:

Friendship Heart

Purple Garden

Have a good Monday!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crazy for samplers


I fear I have Samplermania! 

I'm becoming obsessed with stitching samplers.  Of my wips, almost all of them are samplers, the few that aren't are holiday ornaments.  When I first started cross stitching, I did mostly nature things, critters and flowers and such, with the occassional human-form (a stately lady and a few angels) tossed in for variety.  I think the reason I love doing samplers so much is that I can pick and choose my own colors just to see how they work together.

One of the first samplers I did was from Country Cross Stitching magazine (I think) from the 1990's.  I love this sampler -- the verse, the border, the little critters, etc.  What I do not like, even to this day, are the colors.  If I was stitching this sampler now, I would definitely change some, if not all, the colors.

Today, I'm older, maybe a little wiser and more experienced.  Today I have three pretty samplers all in a row (with colors chosen by me):

The first pretty sampler is Star Sampler by Lady Periphaeria

The next pretty sampler is Heart Note Alley by Gracewood Stitches

And the last (but not least) pretty sampler is Old European Sampler by Steve Rousseau

Isn't color fun?  You gotta try it!

Good news about my knotted dogs -- I received them last week.  Unfortuately, the pattern was sooo tiny, I had to get it enlarged before I could even begin to see what needed to go where.  And when I did get it enlarged, I noticed each dog only has 3 paws.  This bothers me a little, especially since all my dogs have four.  But I'm getting over it and hope to begin stitching this week.

Later ......

Friday, June 3, 2011

More on Heart Note Alley ....

I finished part 1 of Heart Note Alley SAL yesterday -- I love the colors I picked -- the threads go wonderfully with the rose-colored fabric:

The Sudoko project also received some attention this morning:

Though, technically, it isn't sudoko any more because I have the 2nd set of 9 squares the wrong way.  The top horizontal row should be the first vertical row,  the middle horizontal row should be the second vertical row and the bottom horizontal row should be the third vertical row.  I do not plan on changing this mistake, ergo, no sudoko.  But it still looks okay to me.

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What the ...... !?

Another start ????

Welllll, I thought I would take a break from the blues of Old European Sampler last night to begin Heart Note Alley by Gracewood Designs.   Naturally, I decided to change the colors ......

Woah there now!  ... says you ...  you don't have another WIP that's not blues??  Sheeesh!

Well  .... says I with a sheepish grin ....  this one needed to be started -- it was calling to me and I couldn't resist it anymore.

lol!  Have a good one .....

Pssstttt .... my knotted dogs are on their way from Washington state.  Yippee!