Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Little Pillow Ornies

Last weekend was filled with non-stitching stuff but I managed to get some pillow ornies done.  I was determined to get them done and was 3/4 successful.  The 'plan' was to make 4 pillows out of my 4 squares from Fair and Square (an exchange group).  I only managed to finish 3 of them but I'm happy with my efforts and intend to get the fourth finished this weekend.

This is my first exchange in 2010 with Karen R from Australia

This lovely was stitched by Daniela T from Finland in 2011

These cute peacocks are by Nancy K from USA in 2011

Many thanks to you, ladies, for stitching these for me -- your time and talents are invaluable and greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

IHSW in May

Here it is Wednesday already and I haven't posted my IHSW update.  Unfortunately, there isn't much to show since I didn't get much stitching time in over the weekend.   The only thing I worked on was the kitty and I got him mostly finished:

I want to put a border around him but I don't like the one that came with the pattern.  Or maybe I should just leave him sans border.  So kitty is on hold while I decide what to do here.

Even though I didn't get much stitching time in over the weekend, I did get some in during the week.  I finished the piece formerly known as Sudoku and took it to the framer (where it is now):

I have all the stitching done on Wee Three and only need to add the beads and charms and put it on the bell pull frame that came with the kit (aren't they cute??):

And last but not least, I added some more x's to Heart Note Alley:

I want to add more border to this one also . . . . I'm thinking something lacey in the darkest color thread.  It can't be too wide because I don't have much extra material on the bottom (rats!).  Maybe just a quarter inch or half inch -- tops.

Take care until next IHSW!

Friday, May 4, 2012

May's WIPocalypse update

It's a day early but I won't be near a computer tomorrow so here goes . . . . .

I added a couple 'new' old projects to my WIPocalypse list.  The first one is the Golden Cat by designer Patricia Emlet.  I began this project 10-24-2010 and really want to get it finished.  All that's left to stitch now is the hind foot and tail tip.

The second 'new' old project is Wee Three by designer Lorri Birmingham.  This piece was one of my Crazy January 2011 projects that was never touched after January 2011.  Now the first Santa is finished.

Sudoku is almost finished.  I added a line of backstitch around the top and right sides only and am deciding if I like it.  Right now, I'm leaning toward liking it.  It sets a stronger edge to the whole thing.

I also spent some quality stitching time on White Christmas (finished all the eyelets -- hooray!) and completed (happy dance time) the Lily Pond.  Since I already posted pics of these in April, I'm not going to re-post them here.  Just go back a couple posts if you're interested.

So there you have it .... my May update and I must admit, I'm pleased with it.  One project finished, two almost finished, a third one in the works and all those eyelets done (hooray -- I'm soooo glad they're done).

I hope your month was as productive as mine.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A beagle and a heart

I kept forgetting to take a picture of  this one.  I bought this beagle pin at a conformation show last year but don't have occassion to wear it much.  Since I think it's cute, I decided to stitch a frame for it so I can display the pin even when I'm not wearing it.  The "frame" is based on Wessex Stitchery and took me about a day of laundry and stitching to do it.  The difficult part was turning the first corner -- it took me about 4 or 5 tries to get it right.

I realize most people don't care for the baying of beagles but every time I hear a beagle howling after a bunny, I can't help but call the sound 'a joyful noise' .... and smile.

Switching now from beagles to Heart Note Alley, this SAL is almost finished.  I love this pattern (even though it was plagued/cursed/hounded *wink* with multiple frogs) and am very happy with my version of it.

Thanks for visiting!