Monday, August 30, 2010

Busy as a bee .....

That's what I've been the last few weeks.

I have "Grow with Love" almost finished.  It just needs a line between the wreath and flower pots and something above the hearts.  The pattern calls for words but I was thinking maybe a butterfly would look nice there.

I'm current with See the Star -- finally! 

With Fall fast approaching, I've been getting things ready for the local fairs, stitching gifts for Halloween and other events.  These pics are the ornies for my nephews this year.  Both are from "Just Cross Stitch", one is from this year's Halloween edition and the other from last year.  Aren't they cute?  Love that purple fabric!

Over the weekend I stitched a gift for a friend using Wessex embroidery almost exclusively.  It's kind of fun and I'm happy with the way it turned out.  I want to add some beads to it for a little sparkle and it will be done.

I need to get going on a sampler for Habitat for Humanity and I'm thinking I'll put some of the Wessex embroidery on it.  Hopefully, I'll begin it this week.

And then there is stitching to be done for Christmas -- yikes, I'm so far behind this year!

Monday, August 16, 2010

More doggie updates....

What sort of creature is this?
Hmmmm, looks like 2 beagles in a little crate. 
Who knew they would both fit?

You may be wondering how Meadow did at the big Canfield dog show.   Well, I'm happy to report Missy Meadow was definitely a  puppy at the show.  She looked so much younger than the adults (even the other puppies) and definitely acted like the pup she still is.  She wiggled on the table and sniffed her way around the ring.  She was sooo full of her puppy-self.  Each of the four days there was another puppy in her class and each of the four days she came in second.  However, she had a wonderful time, kept her tail up (even though her nose was down), met lots of beagles and other dog breeds, met lots of different people and kept her tail a-wagging.  Nothing scared her.  Yay!  Every morning when it came time to leave for the show, she was thrilled to be going.  All-in-all, she did very well at the dog show.  Hopefully, with age, will come grace and some wins.

And now for some stitching.

I finished part 19 of See the Stars:
Seeing it like this makes me happy I decided to tear out the one area and re-stitch it with the brown. 

Sunday I spent stitching the little freebie from

I decided to change the border.  Instead of just a single row of cross stitches, I'm going to make it bigger.  Right now I'm just kind of winging it .....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A finish, a down-sizing, and more

Topiary Garden by Debbie Draper is finished

A new start from the Sampler Girl.  I stitched this one while on allergy meds.  Sigh ... not a good idea.  The result is a cottage instead of a large home.  I was going to fix it but after living with it a few days, decided to leave it as is and resolved not to stitch when medicated again.

See the Stars

Grow Love

And last but not least, my GGM is framed!