Monday, July 26, 2010

Not alot of time sooo just a quick pic update ....

Part 2 of the Debbie Draper Mystery from the Stick Lounge.

Monika Buro's See the Star part 17

New Stick Lounge mystery by Tam's Creations.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Meadow's first dog show (and some stitching too)

I didn't get much stitching done over the weekend because Meadow participated in her very first AKC conformation show on Saturday.  She was the only puppy in the 13" beagle class and looked so young compared to the other adults entered.  Being the only puppy, she won her puppy class!  And better than that, I did not trip over her in the ring.  Well, almost, that is.  When she cut in front of me, I did a little hoppy thing but did not actually trip over her.  Thank God there are no pictures! 

Since she won the 13" puppy class, we got to go onto the puppy hound round to see if she was the best hound puppy at the trial.  Welllll, according to the judge, she wasn't ..... but again, I did not trip over her, not even a bunny hop.  She was too busy sniffing the ground to cut in front of me this time. 

Our next show will be Canfield in a few weeks -- yikes!  What was I thinking entering all 4 days!  What was I thinking entering my baby beagle in conformation at all?   I'm not really ready for this.

Anyway, I didn't get much stitching done over the weekend but did manage to get some in during the week.
This pretty little sampler is a new mystery by Debbie Draper on the Stick Lounge list (formerly the Marquoir Group list).  I just love the motiff in the center -- it's soooo pretty.

I also managed to finished the next part of See the Star.  I'm very happy to have completed the large frogged area.  Because of that nasty frogging, I've fallen behind on this SAL but should be able to catch up now.

Rats!  I forgot to take a pic of Symmetry.  I finished another section on it also but have nothing to post.  Oh well.  Next time.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Stitching

I didn't get much stitching done over the weekend but I did start something new.  It's a cute little freebie from KissyCross :

I needed something easy to stitch after finishing my frogged area of See the Star because a certain beagle puppy I know kept being a total pest.  Originally, I had planned on finishing the frogged area and then going on to the next part but I was getting so frustrated with the interrupting puppy that I decided not to continue with STS.  And since most of my current projects require calmness on my part, I picked something small and easy to work on.  Hopefully, Missy Meadow will be better this coming week -- though I doubt it.  We're supposed to get back into the 90's again with mega-humidity.  That's too hot for me and therefore, too hot for my dogs to be running around outside.

Anyway, here's the current pic of See the Stars:

Have a good week!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

For the long, hot, holiday weekend

I had planned on doing lots of stitching -- mostly on See the Stars.  Unfortunately, I had a nasty sinus headache by Friday after work.  Soooo, I wanted something simple to stitch (heaven forbid I should just lay down until my headache went away).  I chose this La D Da WIP that had a little bit of the shoe done.  Thinks I -- this is perfect, I can stitch the shoe easily -- only one thread and not much bouncing around.  Good choice .....


After finishing up the partial thread hanging on from the last time I stitched this one, I went searching in the bag that held all the other threads I picked for this piece.  No shoe thread!  I looked all over the house that evening and the following morning ... still no shoe thread.  Of course, it was a Needle Necessities thread that was in my stash (luckily I had written down the number - for the record, it's 1421).

Sigh!  Oh well.  So I stitched the stocking and the words instead.  And put everything back into the project bag.  Hopefully, the shoe thread will show up some day, if not .... well, I'll have to decide later.

Still having a headache, I decided to work on the Solo Brode piece and am happy with the finished result.  I plan on making it into a cover for my magnifying glass.  Well, that is, I plan on having someone else finish it as a cover.   I don't sew. 
1. Because sewing machines hate me and
2. Because I hate them back

Finally, on Monday, my headache was mostly gone so I decided to tackle the frogged area on See the Star.

It would be done except I kept making mistakes that had to be frogged.  And of course the dogs (especially the puppy) were being particularly helpful. 
It seemed that at least one of them needed to go outside into the sweltering heat every hour.  So this is how the day went.  Stitch, rip, potty-time!, Now were did I leave off?,  oh yes, stitch, stitch, rip, potty-time!, Hmmm, where was I again?, stitch, damn!rip ..... well, you get the idea. 

The only good thing was that my headache finally went away during the afternoon.

Keep cool!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Dancing Time

TaaDaa .... It's finished!

No thanks to Meadow!  It took me all week to stitch EFGH.  Even her mum was getting tired of her antics. Shasta decided to make her be still for awhile by laying on that bad baby beagle.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!