Monday, February 23, 2015

February's IHSW

It was a good weekend for International Hermit Stitching Weekend.  Cold, snowy and definitely a stay-at-home-and-stitch weekend.  I worked on one small project and finished it ... hooray!  Before the weekend I had the top brown and word done only.  From Carriage House Samplings:

I didn't use any of the designers threads (oops, and I see that I'm not actually finished, part of the wood on the bottom, right is missing, will fix that after I'm done here).  The pattern called for a grey beard but I like Santa with a white one so I changed it.  And because the white didn't show up well against the fabric, I darkened the sign with a half stitch.  I also made his eyes brown and smaller.  They were a little creepy ... big, dark and hollow ...  kind of skull-like.  His eyes are supposed to be green but I didn't like them green and/or was too lazy to find a good green thread.

This guy is destined to be a gift for either my nephew or my stepmom .... I haven't decided yet.

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Tale of Two SALs

Well I'm a day late but hopefully not a dollar short for the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL.  I added another gifted item to this SAL because it's pretty and calls for Spring to get it's sorry arse here asap.  I'm sick of the cold and snow already!

This was a fun little stitch and all I need to do now is put it into the frame it came with.  The kit used ivory Aida but it was so horribly stiff I didn't want to use it.  I changed the fabric to a soft white 28 ct even weave I had on hand.  I'm going to give this to a friend who loves pansies.  I like it so much that I'm going to stitch it again for myself .  But first I have to match the dmc thread colors to the kit's threads.  I received this lovely kit at an EGA function.  I can't remember if it was at a past Christmas party or maybe the summer picnic.  

I also have an update on Nevermore from Prairie Schooler which will be a birthday present for a friend.  It's coming along nicely and should be on time for her birthday.

 I also finished February's skeleton for the Halloween Ornie SAL.  It's a redo but one I'm keeping for myself.  And since the first one was in brown and I'm tired of stitching with brown right now, I changed the palette to a cooler blue/grey.  What do you think of the effect?  It looks creepier and kind of ghostly to me compared to the more realistic brown.  And, yes, I'm going to add another spider but it'll be silver instead.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February's WIPocalypse projects

It's the second full moon of 2015 already and time for the WIPocalypse update.  I did pretty well on my projects this month.  First up is the Great Pumpkin Conspiracy from Cross-eyed Cricket.  This one went from here

to here

Secondly, Mary Wigham went from here

to here

Unfortunately, Autumn Log Cabin didn't get a single new stitch in it.  But because I did so much on Mary Wigham, I'm okay with that.  Actually, I'm more than okay.  I am tickled pink!  She's so close to happy dance day my feet have started tapping.