Friday, September 23, 2011

I have been stitching but ...

Even though it's been awhile since my last post I can't show much today.   I've been stitching some surprises for friends -- all of which are now finished and in the mail.  As soon as I can, I'll posts pics of them.  But for now here's what I can show you:

Heart Note Alley -- I love this one!
Purple Garden -- I love this one, too!

Small sampler for a Habitat for Humanity family
 that will be moving into their new home soon.

And last but not least I have a new start!  I decided after doing all that gift stitching, I needed to reward myself with this lovely called Tree of Stitches, designed by Abi Gurden.  I'm using the black fabric from an aborted piece that drove me crazy because of my color choices.  This will only be the third time I've stitched on black.  The first was The Castle by T. Wentzler (which came out great but drove me crazy stitching it), the second was aborted, and now this attempt.  So far so good.  The stitches are larger - which helps.  I'm stitching really slowly.  And I'm only using 3 threads, #13 Perle Coton, a gold thread and a Caron Wildflower -- all larger, easy to see threads.  Here's the result so far (actually I've done more but didn't photograph it yet):

I love this one, too!
Are you sensing a pattern here??

Finally, here are a couple pics of Spider and Meadow, just hanging out in the yard:

Poor Spider is teething now and I swear he's grown since I took these pics.  He and I have been taking a puppy foundation class once a week to get him ready to be a good adult beagle.  He has two classes under his collar and since he gets lots of cookies, he's having a blast!

Hey -- I added this later.   A current pic of Tree of Stitches.

Have a good one .....