Friday, January 27, 2012

Kickin' that frog!

Well, I decided to kick that *&#$% frog and just go on with my Heart Note Alley.  I have in my stash (at least I think I have, though I haven't found it yet) a gold frog charm that needs to be attached to this row.  I'm thinking this is the best place for my nasty, ol' froggie ... so close to all those yummy little butterflies and unable to snatch a single one.  < evil snicker >   Revenge is indeed sweet!

Soooo, does anyone know how to paint metal charms? I'm not sure gold will fit in, I was thinking maybe a pale frog would look more pathetic, er, better here.

I also spent some time on White Christmas.  I have almost four of the diamonds ringed with shiny blue eyelets (there are scads of eyelets on this piece, when will they be done?!?). 

Unfortunately, I will run out of the thread very soon.  No fear -- I already called my LNS and she has 3 spools in stock and set aside for me.   And since she's having her annual Super Bowl Sale next week, I will pick up my thread and buy other stitchy stuff :)

This weekend the weather is supposed to be kinda sucky.  I plan on staying in, doing laundry and finishing the next part of Adriana.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Have a good one ......

Monday, January 23, 2012

A fruitful IHSW

I got lots of stitching done -- yay!

First and foremost, I finished part 2 of the Adriana SAL -- I love this design.  And since I'm so far behind with it, it will be getting the majority of my stitching attention until I get caught up.

I also got some eyelets stitched on the hardanger piece, White Christmas.  The kloster blocks on the top of the tree are now finished and I started the blue eyelets in the middle area.  I may use only the blue thread for the internal eyelets.  When I put silver thread next to the piece, I don't like it -- the silver looks 'dirty'.  Maybe I don't have the right kind.  I also have some very pretty shiny white thread.  I may try this, or not .... I really like the blue.  I found some nice dark blue beads in my stash that look perfect and may use either white or clear beads (or both) and/or get some light blue beads .... right now it's still a project in flux.

Pre-IHSW, I worked on the Old European Sampler -- I've been stitching the repetitive stuff, when I'm tired and need something repetitive to stitch.

Last week, I also worked on Heart Note Alley. 

This piece is so pretty but I almost tossed it out the window.  The sweet row with the butterflies (above the irises) has been giving me fits.  I have had counting problems with the stems right from the first flower.  And so  I decided, since I was doing it now and cursing and swearing at it now, I may as well finish the whole painful thing now and be done with it!  Grrrrr!

Well, as I struggled to get it finished and approached the end, I noticed it wasn't going to finish all nice and symmetrical .... sigh ..... crap.

So, should I tear the stems out and do it again (boohoo) or just let it go?  Will I like it asymmetrical?  I couldn't say, until I thought of the wonderful world of Photoshop.  So I photoshoped a rough approximation of the finished row.  What do you think?  See how the last flower is cut off  .... can I live with that???

I am undecided .... but I really don't want to redo that row again.  Of course, now that I know what I did wrong (I did eventually figure it out), it shouldn't be so bad.  Right?? 

For now, I'm just living with the Photoshoped version.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WIPocalypse beginning

Sigh, things haven't been going exactly as planned this year.  I haven't gotten any stitching in for about a week now and I'm starting to get cranky. 

The 'plan' was to work on my hardanger tree first.  I did get a 'before' picture

 and a 'what is should look like when finished' picture

but that's it.  I didn't even get the roller bars on the frame.

I did spend a little time over the new year weekend working on my Odds & Ends -- it isn't finished yet but there isn't much more to go.  So I think this will be my first WIPocalypse piece now.

One good thing (though it didn't happen in 2012) -- I finished my 2011 Santa -- hooray! 

I'm trying to decide if I like the yellow in the border.  It's a little bright compared with the other colors.  Except the beard -- which positively glows and draws the eye right to Santa's face.  The important thing is he's finished.

I hope your 2012 is beginning better than mine.