Monday, January 4, 2010

Stitching with agility

Well it's 2010 -- woohoo -- another year down the drain.  Oh well.

I did manage to get some stitching done over the holiday, not as much as I wanted but that's ok. 

Harvest Angel is almost finished. She needs eyes, some beads, a spider web and the date and she will be done. Hopefully this week will see her completed and to the framer's.

I changed her wings from butterfly-type to more bird-like wings and filled them with a pulled thread stitch.  I like them better this way. 

There is a goof in her dress at one point ..... but I'll never tell where it is. 

I began the Christmas Design SAL on January 1st.  I didn't get much done but I did start it.  At least I got over the first hump.  I probably won't do any more on it until next month now.  Or maybe I'll finish the brown squares at the top before calling it done for the month.

And last but not least is See the Star.

I was visited by some froggies here -- ripit -- ripit!!  Froggies and over 1 stitching are not pleasant creatures.  Hopefully, they are gone and will not return.  With luck I can get this part finished tonight or tomorrow.

On Sunday, the dogs and I went to a CPE agility trial.  My scardy boy River did wonderfully.  He was happy and not stressed for his run.  Stormy is officially off the injured reserve list.  He ran fast and without any problems -- he is back to his ol' bouncy self.  Whew!  And Willow ran beautifully also.  I screwed up her Snooker run because I wasn't in the right place but her Colors was perfect.  Out of a total of 4 runs, the dogs and I Q'd 3 times.  Not to shabby! 


  1. everything looks great Marcy! And you thought I stitch fast. Man, you have the smokin needles!!!!

  2. Your Christmas Sal is so wonderful
    I love him !!!
    Greetings from Austria