Friday, April 23, 2010

Oodles of french knots

This past week my eyes haven't been up to much stitching. So .... instead of  not stitching at all, I've been making french knots.

It's hard to see in the pic but I have the right lobe and part of the left one french knotted (hmmmm, is that a verb?).  In real life, the knots are making a big difference.  The lacy edges have become distinct from the canvas background.

I plan to finish this over the weekend.  The only things that need stitching are the middle horizontal ribbon and the rest of the french knots.  Of course, a few sparkles are required so I'll add some beads and/or charms -- just for fun.

Midnight Garden is finished! 

That is .... mostly finished.
I decided every garden needs a few bugs.  That's another thing planned for the weekend.  That and the  laundry and an agility seminar and napping.  Oh, and don't forget mowing the grass  before the rains come.   Hmmmm, not much time for napping.

Resting and napping are doggie specialties. 


Maybe I should follow their example.

Have a good one .... ZZzzzzzzzzz ....


  1. What a gorgeous group of dogs! They all look so content.

    Your heart if beautiful. I wish I had the patience for french knots. That is my goal for this year, to learn them with patience. So far, not much luck! LOL

  2. Thank you Jules -- I love my pack. Good luck with your french knots. My advice is to just relax and slow down. Stitching french knots is kind of like a Zen-thing. LOL -- just be one with the knot ;)