Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A finish, a down-sizing, and more

Topiary Garden by Debbie Draper is finished

A new start from the Sampler Girl.  I stitched this one while on allergy meds.  Sigh ... not a good idea.  The result is a cottage instead of a large home.  I was going to fix it but after living with it a few days, decided to leave it as is and resolved not to stitch when medicated again.

See the Stars

Grow Love

And last but not least, my GGM is framed!


  1. GGM looks wonderful, as does the rest of your stitching!

  2. Marcy, your stitching is beautiful and intriguing, I have never seen 'See the Star' it is divine so I had a look back through your blog and had a play with google, but everything tells me that the german group no longer exists. Any help would be appreciated.