Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When stars collide on something wicked

Not much stitching to show for the weekend because the dogs and I were at an agility trial.  I did manage to get a little done Friday evening and last night.

I stitched some on When Stars Collide but didn't get much done.  Unfortunately, I'm falling behind on this StickLounge SAL.  I'm still working on part 2 while the group is on part 4.  I figured this would happen, especially since my weekends are very busy this month and I have classes several evenings during the week.  The picture doesn't do this piece justice.  The sparkly-ness of it doesn't show up very well.

I'm also working on Something Wicked -- I want to finish it before Halloween.  Again, the picture doesn't show how nice the boot  is coming out.  The thread, from a distance, looks black, but it isn't.  It's overdyed (ThreadWorx) with dark green, purple, and brown (or maybe it's maroon).  And instead of making each cross completely, I have stitched a half cross and then am going back over it with the rest of the cross.  I like to do this because it softens and blends the color changes, making them more subtle.  I especially like doing this with leaves -- it makes them look more natural.

Take care and have fun stitching!

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