Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lotsa stitching updates here

I have a finish I can show now that it has reached it's destination.  And she likes it :)  I stitched this for my partner in the current  Fair and Square exchange:

It's by Blackbird Designs.  I'm really happy with the way it turned out and, of course, now I need to stitch one for myself.  I used DMC threads on linen that I tea stained.  It was my first attempt at staining linen.

More gift stitching is these Halloween ornaments for my nephews:

I may add more to the spider before assembling it into it's final ornamental state.  If I can find my glow-in-the-dark thread, a web behind the spider would look really cool.  Even if I can't find it, a web would still look kinda cool in black.  The pattern for the spider can be found here.  I love the expression of the 'fraidy moon on the Prairie Schooler ornie -- that's one nasty owl!  Stitching Halloween ornaments is so much fun -- I love all the creepy things and fun colors.  Normally, I would never stitch on this green fabric but for All Hallow's Eve -- it's a must do.

Speaking of fun colors, I worked on my Tree of Stitches and am getting near completion.  I love this thread on the black fabric AND I love being able to stitch it on the black fabric.  When I started this on black, I didn't know if I would be able to finish it and now I'm almost there -- woohoo!

Unfortunately, the gold thread doesn't show up well in the picture.  Maybe if I didn't use a flash it would look better.  Hmmmm, something to try next time.  I picked out some beads last night to go with my tree and maybe tonight I'll be able to get some attached.  (Though I really need to get those Halloween ornies done for my nephews so I can mail them.)

I started a new Sticklounge project over the weekend.  It's called Adriana and is designed by Nolda van Hezewijk.  It doesn't look like much right now but if you check out her website, you can see what it will look like when finished.  It's a gorgeous pattern.  I'm stitching it on 40 ct linen over 2 using DMC threads.  The linen color is sand and since I'm using one thread, it appears to make the thread colors look soft.  If I had used 2 threads, I'm sure the threads would come out stronger.  Usually, I prefer the heavier coverage of 2 threads but when the fabric has a nice warm feel to it, I like the lighter effect of only 1 thread.  However, I do need to adjust one thread color so far -- a pale yellow that doesn't show up well on the sand colored fabric.  Anyway, here's the pic:

The last project is the Berlin Work Sampler -- the first one I tried with a lighter thread coverage.  I love the way the tassles look like a faded painting -- very cool.

I've fallen behind on these last two Sticklounge projects because I've been busy stitching gifts.  Now that most of the gifts are done, I should be able to get caught up with them .... and get started on my Santa for 2011.  He is one of my Crazy 2011 Challenge pieces and he will get done before the year is over.  I'm thinking it will be the last one of my crazy challenges to get done.  

Hmmm.   Note to self -- I need to do a recap on my 2011 crazies to see where I am with it.

I think I have a little over half of them done (mostly all the smaller ones).  I do not plan on doing the 2012 crazy challenge.  Instead, I will finish the unfinished 2011 crazies in 2012.  I love the other patterns I started in January and don't want them languishing for years as UFO's.

I actually learned something about myself  by doing this challenge.  I enjoyed starting all those new projects but after about a week, I found it frustrating to keep starting something without finishing something.  Apparently I am goal oriented -- I like the journey, but also like to reach the journey's end. 

And if you could see all the finished projects on my walls, you would say to yourself  "Well, Duh!"



  1. Lots of wonderful stitches there. I love your Halloween stitches.

  2. Lovely finishes and WIPs! I really am loving the Tree piece.