Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Busy ... busy ....

I've been busy .... I finished The Might Oak (though I would love to find a couple squirrel charms to add to it):

Plus spent some time on White Christmas (all the eyelets are finished -- hooray!!! -- I thought they would never be done.  And no, I will not count them.):

Another WIP finished  ... introducing the Waterlily Pond complete with sparkly dragonfly (it didn't call for a dragonfly but my pond needed a bug .... and more glitter):

And lastly, I picked up another WIP -- Sudoku -- and am going gangbusters on it:

The last time I posted about it, there was tons of stitching left to go:

Even though this piece is supposed to be based on Sudoko, I gave up on that concept a long time ago.  Instead, I'm just playing around with stitches and colors and having a much better time with it.  The whole Sudoko thing was making me cazy and spoiling my fun .... so it needed to go.

I'm happy as a clam since I got so much done on these older projects. 

May your stitching time be productive!