Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The last IHSW of 2012

For the final IHSW of 2012, I ornamentized 2 more Christmas ornies and are they a little over the top :)

I love all that red!  Two more down . . . . only 1 more to go.
And I should have done it over the weekend but I decided to work on the little house in the Christmas SAL from Carole instead:

The little 'mistletoe with hearts' motif below the house, I did on Monday.  Though that's all for my IHSW report, I do have a few more pictures to show you.

Kate of Momuboocrea Island and I exchanged Christmas ornaments:

This is the ornament I sent to her - the little angel I love so much.

And this is what Kate sent to me.  Ummm, there was a chocolate Santa but I ate it.  Yum! 
And then I entered a giveaway held by Jules and I won it!  How cool is that?

Snowmen are one of my favorite winter things ....  and she sent me 2.
Let me tell you, I feel totally spoiled by these two lovely ladies :-)


  1. Love the over-the-top ornaments :-) And everything else too, but especially the SAL piece.

  2. Wunderschöne Stickereien.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  3. LOL - love that word, ornamentized! I love how you finished the two ornaments, I think they are the cutest. Congrats on your win :)

  4. I love that trim you've used, it's amazing!!

    The SAL is looking great as are the ornies from your exchanges. A real post full of lovelieness!