Monday, June 17, 2013


I finished another Christmas ornament over this IHSW.  It's one of the free angels from Told In A Garden:

She's such a pretty little angel.  I did her over 2 on 30 ct natural linen from my stash using the called for DMC threads.  I did, however, change out the gold metallic thread for a silver & gold blended metallic.  Sadly, all the glitter doesn't show up in the pic.  I also changed her face to over one because I hate 3/4 cross stitches (as was called for in the pattern).  From a distance it looks okay -- up close it's a little funny looking.

I also worked on a new piece for Stitched with Love's current exchange called Birds, Bees and Butterflies but since it's a surprise, I can't show you anything yet.

However, now that the Home Sweet Home Exchange is complete, I can show you what I received from Fiona.  Her package included a wonderful stitched Scottish heart and loads of other great goodies.  Thank you Fiona!

For my part, I stitched a home sweet spooky home for Marjorie (a big fan of Halloween).  I'm so happy she likes it.  This was such a fun exchange.

Happy stitching everyone!  And thanks for visiting.


  1. A lovely finish!

    Great exchange gifts too.
    Have a good week (:

  2. Your angel is very pretty!

  3. Such a pretty angel, well done. And the spooky house is just wonderful!

  4. Hi there Marcy,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog dear. I appreciate it very much.
    I like the Told in A Garden, Christmas ornament you finished. I made that one too for an exchange last year, and she is adorable.
    You have some nice gift exchange both given and received too. I especially like the Halloween piece you stitched and the fabby is gorgeous. I am sure your recipient loved it.
    Thanks again for stopping in.

  5. I love the Halloween package you created! I would have squealed with delight to receive that!

  6. Marcy, your little angel is lovely!!! :D

  7. Beautiful exchanges!
    Gorgeous L&L angel. Great changes with the metallic!