Tuesday, July 23, 2013

IHSW and WIPocalypse updates for July

I'm lumping IHSW and WIPocalypse together this month -- mainly because I'm not really getting much done with my WIPocalypse projects.  Actually, make that no stitching at all on them.  I've been having some problems with my one eye which makes it difficult to stitch my larger WIP's.  Actually the stitching isn't the challenge, it's the reading of the charts that's a problem.  The more complicated charts are harder for me to read.  Because of this, I've been working on simpler patterns and getting lots of small ornies stitched.  Over the weekend, I did some finishing work on said ornies and completed 2 of them (the halloween ones for my nephews):

I also started a new project over the weekend.  I'm participating in a Summer Holiday exchange hosted by Mii Stitch.  After a couple false starts (where I tried different fabric colors), I have a little teaser pic to show you:

This pattern is more complicated than I've been doing recently but I like it and think my exchange partner will enjoy it also. It's not very big but there are lots of color changes and even some blended threads.  Unfortunately, because of my eye, I keep making mistakes and having to tear out parts (cursed frogs) but I'm determined to finish it.  I like it so much, I may stitch one for myself.  I changed the background color of the suggested material but the threads are all as suggested.  The fabric I'm using is 32ct raw linen (I think that's what it's called) and the threads all DMC.  And that's all I'm going to say about this one until the exchange is finished.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lovely colors! I'm sure your exchange partner will love it.
    I hope your eye will get better soon.

  2. Hi Marcy!! I hope your eye is not causing you to much troubles & it will get better soon! I'm so curious to see what you're working on for the exchange!! So far, I love all the colours :) Someone is going to be very lucky!!

  3. Cute Halloween finishes!
    Can relate to eye problems..... Hope your eye recovers soon.

  4. Hi Marcy, great idea to finish the ornies like this.
    I hope your eye will get better soon. Perhaps you could try to enlarge a part of the charts and pin some kind of paper frame on the part you plan to stitch.

  5. Those two Halloween finishes are gorgeous. Now I'm really curious to find out what summer exchange piece you are stitching on.