Monday, September 23, 2013

September's IHSW

My plan for this month's IHSW was to begin and finish the first part of a new SAL.  Here's what I accomplished:

And, unfortunately,  I'm afraid that's about all I'm going to get done of it.  I got much too frustrated with counting to the next stitching area to continue with this project.  I hate to give up on it so early but that's the way it is :-(

So I switched to Mary Wigham.  I started this one back in 2009 and haven't touched it since the end of 2010.  I can't believe it's been that long.  I took it off the stretcher bars, gave it a good shake to get some of the cobwebs off, put it in a hoop and just started stitching.  Here she is as of this morning:


 You can see from the hoop marks where I was working on her.  I finished the lower left motiff, the flowers next to it and the bird medallion near the bottom.  I'm still working on the little yellow flower nearby -- the one that looks so washed out in the picture.  Here's a close up of this area:

There is lots more stitching to do on this piece but I would like to get her finished in the near future (maybe by the end of 2013??).  Wish me luck . . . .


  1. Love the Mary Wigham stiching! And thank you for sharing even your frustration with us.

  2. Hello Marcy,

    Well done on picking up that UFO, lots of progress made on it.

    Happy stitching.

  3. Sorry to hear about the SAL not working out. At least you didn't spend too much time on it before realizing that it was a lost cause.
    Mary looks great. I really like the colour combination.

  4. Too bad about the SAL you were looking forward to, but lovely work on your UFO!

  5. Oh but Marcy, Mary Wigham looks great. Love the color combination on it. You'll get back to your SAL piece!