Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Some finishing touches

Firstly, thanks for all the nice comments on my last post!  It was very kind of you to take a moment out of your busy day to say 'hi and job well done'.  Thank you.

And now for the final finishing touches to my little ornaments.  Though some just got a bow or a tassle, others got a button or two.  Since it's technically still Autumn (though it's snowing at a goodly rate right now), I'll start with the Halloween ornies.  I had wanted to get them all done for Halloween this year but that (obviously) didn't happen.  Well, at least they're ready for next year.



AND DONE  -- I love the spider on a button here

And next up the Christmas ornies.  These are all gifts.  I like to make Christmas ornaments as gifts and right now I'm in good shape for the holiday.  I think I only have 3 or 4 more to finish (they're already stitched just waiting to be ornamentified).  This is definitely the best shape I've ever been in since I started gifting ornaments.

I love the red trim but am still trying to decide about that yellow.

I never thought the green-package-with-an-orange-bow button would ever find a home.

My brown Santa got a little loving also.  All that remains is the beading and his beard.  The beard will be next while the beads are last.  I probably won't do anything more on him until all the gifts are finished.

If you believe the weather forecasters, we're supposed to get some serious snow the next couple days in my neck of the woods.  If you're traveling in the northeast on your way home for Thanksgiving, drive carefully and have a wonderful visit with family and friends.

YUM!  My favorite.


  1. Lovely finishes! Great progress on Santa. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. They look amazing all put together !!

  3. Marcy, you definitely were on a finishing trip. So good for you, all the ornaments looks gorgeous. Now, please, sned the finishing bug over to me so that it can bite me as well, lol.
    Have a great Thanksgiving weekend.

  4. What lovely finishes!!! Do you know any tutorial that I could use for this cording finish for ornament?? Have a lovely time for your coming up Thanksgiving x

  5. So beautiful finishes!! The first ornament is adorable! ;)
    Nice progress on Santa!

    Hugs x

  6. Very beautiful finishes...
    The ornament are so beautiful..l
    Big hugs x

  7. Wow they are fantastic. I love the Halloween ornies the best, but they are all great! Congrats
    Alicia xo