Monday, December 15, 2014

Plans for the upcoming year

Yikes!  It's hard to believe another year is nearly over!  As usual, I didn't get as much done as I wanted in 2014 but no sense crying over that.  Besides that, it's more fun to anticipate the projects of the next.  And here's what I'm planning for 2015 ... but please don't hold me to them.  My plans tend to be more fluid than written in stone.

To begin, I'm happy to read that Measi is continuing with WIPocalypse in 2015.  I didn't do a very good job on older projects in 2014 (except Symmetry which I should  have completed very soon).  So here's hoping 2015 will be better.  I'm not going to make grand plans for the year but would really, really, really like to finish Mary Wigham and then get a couple more squares done on my Tulip Sampler.

Secondly, Jo announced a super SAL called the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL.  The only requirement is to stitch something that has been gifted to you.  My plans for this are a tiny dog kit that was given to me by Ingrid:

And then this is cute little spring sampler kit from Lainey:

And, if time permits, My Stitching Treasures by Jeannette Douglas given to me by my EGA Secret Sister, Jessie a couple years ago. 

Then thirdly, I will (of course) continue with the really fun Halloween SAL over at Halloween Ornie SAL.  The topics are set and in January I'll pick my patterns for the year.  Looks like another fun year of ghosts and witches and other things that go bump in the night :)

Finally, I plan to continue the Inch Sampler from Facebook.  I haven't worked on it in awhile because of other things but I want to catch up and then keep current with it.  I think I'm 4 or 5 squares behind now but they're small so it won't be hard to catch up.

And that's it!  Here's hoping I get everything accomplished.  Though don't be surprised if I get side tracked by some other little lovely that comes along in 2015.

Good luck everyone .... and happy stitching!


  1. A great choice of projects! I look forward to see your progress :)

  2. Great goals!! Good luck with them!! I will enjoy watching your progress throughout the year.

  3. All wonderful projects for 2015, have fun with them, Marcy.

  4. I have given up trying to plan a year...
    Sweet stitching!!