Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Christmas in July

I finished this pretty little lady a few days ago.  Because I inadvertently made her 2 columns thinner (who would complain about that?) and 2 rows shorter (bummer!) I adjusted the border a bit.

There is a new Christmas ornie SAL starting in August which I've joined.  Since I am already stitching some Christmas ornies this year, it seemed the perfect SAL to join.  The subject for August is Santa and happily, Santa was on my list for next month ... doubly perfect.

It has finally stopped raining in Pennsylvania (hooray!) and the beags took time to catch some well deserved rays.

Summer has finally arrived!


  1. Ah the dog days of summer LOL! Cute stitching :)

  2. Great finish and love your beagles! I have a bagle :)

  3. Hi,
    I've joined the Xmas SAL too:) It is going to be fun, isn't it?! I was delighted to see that you have beagles since I have a lovely 3-year-old beagle - Rocky - myself (along with two other dogs!). He's a bit of crazy/energetic one though - ha ha - so I have never seen him lying on the lawn like that! Such a lovely picture!

  4. Oh what a precious "bunch of beagles"! I had a beagle when I was little, she was so sweet. I've joined the Christmas SAL as well, so we'll be sure to see you there too! Your angel is very charming ")

  5. Love the puppies in the grass!

    And your finish is very nice, too ;)

  6. Lovely angelic Christmas stitching. Nice fudging with the border too!

  7. Really lovely stiching! Unfortunately I have very little time nowadays for stitching, so I better not join the SAL (to avoid not completing it), but if you don't mind, I will check your beautiful works from time to time :)

  8. Super little ornament, nice design.