Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2010 finishes and 2011 new beginnings

I finished 2 of the Sticklounge projects over the weekend.  Yippee!!  The first is See the Star and the second is Baumchen  (I added the bunnies to represent my beagles).

Here's what I plan to stitch in the Crazy January 2011 challenge. Missing from the photo is a  piece from Rosewood Manor called Tulip Quilt Sampler.  I bought the pattern but I can't put my fingers on it right now.  I did find the fabric for it so the pattern can't be too far away.  Most of the patterns are smaller ones that I just never get around to starting, so I am taking this opportunity to do them.   Only 13 patterns are shown because I'm not sure what the 15th will be just yet.

I may be overly optismitic but I think this is do-able.  Wish me luck ....


  1. good to see another one up for the challenge!!! I am planning to do it as well!

  2. Good luck on your challenge !!! I am still thinking about it.... You are brave.

  3. Thanks Natalia, I don't know about brave -- maybe just a little crazy ....

  4. Who is the Designer for See the Star?


  5. Hi Rebecca
    Her name is Monica Buro. I believe she's from Hungary. This pattern was a SAL with a yahoo group I belong to -- The Sticklounge. I have been unsuccessful at finding a site for her online. I hope this helps .....