Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday stitching

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  Over the holiday, I finished a couple ornaments.  Both are freebies.  The crow & black cat (from Plum Pudding)  I changed a bit by adding the pumpkin with flowers and the top label, Autumn.  The hot legs are from My Nifty Needle (the link is no longer active for this one) and is called 'If the shoe fits'.   I'm thinking I may add some beads or something around the witchy legs to dress it up a bit.

My Little Tree is almost done!  Just one more part to stitch.  Since this is a weekend stitchy project, it will have to wait until then.

For the next couple days, I plan to stitch on Rose Wreath Santa by Libby Sturdy.  I'm not really happy with his bargello coat per the stitch instructions.  I did it in the dark and medium pinks and actully finished the bottom of the coat before tearing it all out.  Two reasons I didn't like it:
  1) The bargello let too much white show through, making the coat look too flimsy and cold.  Now it's okay for Santa to wear a pink coat (he is, after all, very comfortable with his masculinity), but it must be a warm coat.
  2) The bargello pattern was too busy for my taste. 

I also tried a diagonally striped coat using long stitches.  The coat looked warmer but it was still too busy.  Rats!


And last, but not least, I tried a simple scotch stitch with dark and medium pink threads blended together.  I like it!  This coat looks cozy and warm -- it'll keep Santa toasty on those cold winter days.

See the Star is almost finished - yippee!  Two more sections to go and it'll be done.  I love this piece.  The colors are so warm and autumn-ish.  This is the piece that introduced me to the Sticklounge yahoo group.  I saw it on someone's blog, fell in love with it, then hunted it down so I could stitch it.

Happy December 1st!  It's snowing here!

Call me crazy  ....  but count me in.  Check out the  2011 Stitching Challenge - I can think of 10 things I've never got around to stitching ....  5 more should be easy enough to find.  Wish me luck!

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