Monday, February 7, 2011

Another crazy finish, lots of pink and a new garden

I finished my first Brittercup kitty on Saturday.  Isn't he 'dorable?  I just love him!

I think my next crazy finish will be the other Brittercup kitty.

Yesterday I finished part 10 of Odds and Ends.  I added a butterfly for my Papillions, a bunny for the beagles and couldn't think of a little logo for the Storm.  So I just made a representation of his smilin' face 'cuz he's such a happy, vivacious little dude.

Oh, and I started another Sticklounge SAL called The Purple Garden by Angie Designer.  However, I already have a purple butterfly garden (the designer's name escapes me)

and since purple isn't one of my favs, my Purple Garden isn't going to be purple.  It's going to be multi-colored, more like a Spring Garden (wishful thinking on my part).  I just started it last night so I'm not very far with it yet.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. These WIP's are beautiful! And I love your BK finish!