Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Halloween craziness and a beeginning

I finished one of my Crazy Challenge pieces -- yippee! -- the Sampler Girl's "The Old Black Cat" with some changes to the border.  This is such a cute piece.  However, I decided the black spiders look more like ticks to me (bleeechhht!!)  --shiver-- way creepier than spiders.

And I started a new project (Busy Bee Tuffet by Chessie & Me) that needs to be stitched by my next EGA meeting on Monday.  We are going to learn how to assemble it into a biscornus.  I'm looking forward to learning a new (to me) finishing technique.  And as you can see, I've changed the colors:

 I love the little bee keep scissor fob and plan to stitch it also -- though probably not before Monday.

The weather man is threatening us with nice weather for the next couple days -- party sunny with temps near 50.  WooHoo!  Break out the shorts and flip flops!  I hope your weather promises to be just as pleasant .....

Wow!  I just noticed I have some new followers -- how cool is that.  Welcome!


  1. Biscornu are so much fun. And really easy once you get how to do it. Hope you have fun in your class and get to enjoy your nice weather!

  2. Once you make a will be hooked. I love making them...not really hared at all to put together....just be sure your outlines are exact.

  3. Good luck with the biscornu. Enjoy the class! Nice finish!

  4. Great finish on The Old Black Cat! That's a really neat border.

    Pretty colors on your biscornu.....I've never made one either, so let me know how it goes! Good luck!