Friday, July 8, 2011

More stitching, no puppies

The puppies left last weekend and my house got much quieter and kind of boring without them.  But I have gotten some stitching done.  I worked on 2 more of my Crazy 15.  The first is the Sampler Girls' Jane Austen In The Kitchen:

The colors are so awful because my flash didn't go off -- I must have changed the settings somehow.  It isn't actually finished because I haven't attached the charm or signed and dated it yet.  In case you are familar with the pattern, I rearranged, changed and deleted some elements from the original design.   This is the second time I stitched this one, the first was for a friend.  This one is for me.

The second Crazy 15 is A Ghost's Alphabet by Primrose Needleworks:

You probably don't remember (why would you) but I started this on different fabric and when I picked it back up last weekend, I decided I didn't like it ===>
<=== So I changed the fabric to a 14 count golden-colored aida (again crappy lighting makes for crappy colors) and I like it better.  I should be able to finish this over the weekend and when I take the next picture, I'll be sure to get the flash to work.

This third project is almost finished also -- Friendship Heart SAL from my Sticklounge group:

I need to decide how I'm going to finish this. I'm not a big fan of heart shapes in frames because of all that empty space at the bottom.  A throw pillow is not a good idea with my dogs, unless I keep it off the furniture and display it on my shelves.  One of the ladies in the group found a heart shaped box that fit her stitched piece perfectly -- what are the chances of that happening for me??  Another thought was to finish it as a heart-shaped wall hanging -- ugh! sewing.  Oh well, I'll come up with something -- any suggestions?

I forgot to take a picture of this guy last week:

He is my third hardanger snowman -- the first two were given away as gifts.  This one will be mine and serves as the model for my EGA group's Christmas in July class (which I am teaching).  As you can see, he needs a few finishing touches -- mainly a face.  All three snowmen are from the same pattern but they're all different (due to threads, material and counting errors).  Here are the other two as comparison:

I think that's about it on the stitching front.  Have a good weekend!

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  1. Lovely stitching there, my Dad loved apple pies.

    That tree looks very interesting. I've seen it on another blog and it quite fascinates me.

    Your very brave with Hardanger...I just daren't try it.