Monday, August 29, 2011

A little stitching in petit point

One of my current projects in a Berlin Work Sampler.  I researched Berlin Work and discovered it was traditionally stitched in petit point with wool threads.   Soooo, I decided to give it a try -- the petit point, not the wool (sadly, I'm allergic to it).  Here's the result so far:

Basically, it's okay.  However, I have a problem with areas where there is supposed to be a diagonal line and the petit points don't touch because they are going in the wrong direction.  In the above pic, these troubling areas are easily seen in the large pink flowery thing.  The dark pink and dark brown lines aren't really lines on the left sides, unlike the right sides where the line is an actual line.  I suppose when the piece is far enough away that individual stitches can't be seen, the whole thing flows better but right now, under my magnifying glass, it's driving me (a little) nuts!

For a few weeks now, I've had a quiet, industrious guest on my back porch.  Unfortunately, against my white house it doesn't show up well.  This picture was taken early one foggy morning and was beautiful in person:

The spider moves into one of the tubes of my wind chime in the mornings, spends the day there, and comes out in the evenings to rebuild its web.  Fascinating!

And speaking of Spider.  Here's the little dude with his Auntie Willow that same morning:

Thanks for stopping by ......and may your day be filled with puppy kisses!


  1. Goodness...we had one too! He has been here about 3 weeks and I thought he had finally left but noticed he had moved to the other side. He lives in our ceiling fan during the day and I have caught coming on early evening and retiring one early morning. Very interesting....

  2. Traditionally a reverse tent stitch --one going \ instead of the more usual / -- does the trick on these lines. Or you can use the X of a cross stitch instead. Whatever works for you. Lots of Berlinwork I've seen is done in cross stitch. Perhaps this is why or maybe it was used because it is pretty durable. That I don't know.
    Jane, waving from Chilly Hollow