Monday, January 23, 2012

A fruitful IHSW

I got lots of stitching done -- yay!

First and foremost, I finished part 2 of the Adriana SAL -- I love this design.  And since I'm so far behind with it, it will be getting the majority of my stitching attention until I get caught up.

I also got some eyelets stitched on the hardanger piece, White Christmas.  The kloster blocks on the top of the tree are now finished and I started the blue eyelets in the middle area.  I may use only the blue thread for the internal eyelets.  When I put silver thread next to the piece, I don't like it -- the silver looks 'dirty'.  Maybe I don't have the right kind.  I also have some very pretty shiny white thread.  I may try this, or not .... I really like the blue.  I found some nice dark blue beads in my stash that look perfect and may use either white or clear beads (or both) and/or get some light blue beads .... right now it's still a project in flux.

Pre-IHSW, I worked on the Old European Sampler -- I've been stitching the repetitive stuff, when I'm tired and need something repetitive to stitch.

Last week, I also worked on Heart Note Alley. 

This piece is so pretty but I almost tossed it out the window.  The sweet row with the butterflies (above the irises) has been giving me fits.  I have had counting problems with the stems right from the first flower.  And so  I decided, since I was doing it now and cursing and swearing at it now, I may as well finish the whole painful thing now and be done with it!  Grrrrr!

Well, as I struggled to get it finished and approached the end, I noticed it wasn't going to finish all nice and symmetrical .... sigh ..... crap.

So, should I tear the stems out and do it again (boohoo) or just let it go?  Will I like it asymmetrical?  I couldn't say, until I thought of the wonderful world of Photoshop.  So I photoshoped a rough approximation of the finished row.  What do you think?  See how the last flower is cut off  .... can I live with that???

I am undecided .... but I really don't want to redo that row again.  Of course, now that I know what I did wrong (I did eventually figure it out), it shouldn't be so bad.  Right?? 

For now, I'm just living with the Photoshoped version.


  1. I love looking at your WIPs, Marcy. They're so beautiful.

    Hmm... welllllll.... if it were me and cos I'm anal... I'd redo it, cos I know it'd bug me every time I even *think* about it. Will it but you that much? :) You could also think of it as a quirky part of the design too.... which means onward ho and no frogging. :)

  2. Hi

    Your WIPS are beautiful.

    I have to say that I would redo it too.
    It looks gorgeous.

  3. I love your Heart Note Alley. I'm not sure what I would do in your position. I think the photoshop version looks fine, but it might be one of those things that will bug you every time you look at it. Good luck!

  4. Lovely stitching.
    I think I'd redo Heart Note Alley if it was me.

  5. Marcy you gots lots done!
    If I were you I'd restitch the row