Friday, January 27, 2012

Kickin' that frog!

Well, I decided to kick that *&#$% frog and just go on with my Heart Note Alley.  I have in my stash (at least I think I have, though I haven't found it yet) a gold frog charm that needs to be attached to this row.  I'm thinking this is the best place for my nasty, ol' froggie ... so close to all those yummy little butterflies and unable to snatch a single one.  < evil snicker >   Revenge is indeed sweet!

Soooo, does anyone know how to paint metal charms? I'm not sure gold will fit in, I was thinking maybe a pale frog would look more pathetic, er, better here.

I also spent some time on White Christmas.  I have almost four of the diamonds ringed with shiny blue eyelets (there are scads of eyelets on this piece, when will they be done?!?). 

Unfortunately, I will run out of the thread very soon.  No fear -- I already called my LNS and she has 3 spools in stock and set aside for me.   And since she's having her annual Super Bowl Sale next week, I will pick up my thread and buy other stitchy stuff :)

This weekend the weather is supposed to be kinda sucky.  I plan on staying in, doing laundry and finishing the next part of Adriana.  Pretty exciting stuff!

Have a good one ......


  1. I have a nice silver frog I would be happy to send your way...just email me!

  2. Try nail polish for painting on metal. I've had good results.

  3. LOL, I like the way you think. :D A spray can will work wonder and you can basically pick any color you'd like...

    White Christmas looks fantastic.

  4. Nice progress on both pieces.
    Glad you made up your mind on what to do with the row on your sampler.