Wednesday, May 23, 2012

IHSW in May

Here it is Wednesday already and I haven't posted my IHSW update.  Unfortunately, there isn't much to show since I didn't get much stitching time in over the weekend.   The only thing I worked on was the kitty and I got him mostly finished:

I want to put a border around him but I don't like the one that came with the pattern.  Or maybe I should just leave him sans border.  So kitty is on hold while I decide what to do here.

Even though I didn't get much stitching time in over the weekend, I did get some in during the week.  I finished the piece formerly known as Sudoku and took it to the framer (where it is now):

I have all the stitching done on Wee Three and only need to add the beads and charms and put it on the bell pull frame that came with the kit (aren't they cute??):

And last but not least, I added some more x's to Heart Note Alley:

I want to add more border to this one also . . . . I'm thinking something lacey in the darkest color thread.  It can't be too wide because I don't have much extra material on the bottom (rats!).  Maybe just a quarter inch or half inch -- tops.

Take care until next IHSW!


  1. Beautiful stitching progress. I can imagine a dark lace border will look lovely on Heart Note Alley.

  2. All your stitching looks great. Love the cat (I'm a self confessed cat nut) but I do think it needs a border of some kind. Wee Three is really cute - great bellpull and I love the colours in Heart Note. And Sudoku is just breathtaking!

  3. Gorgeous stitching I love the sudoku it will look awesome