Friday, August 31, 2012

A Blue WIPocalypse

For the second August WIPocalypse update I pulled out Adriana -- something that hasn't seen the light of day for a few months.   I started the final part of this SAL and want to get it finished.  There isn't much more to do in the way of x's but there is a bit of bs-ing yet.  It shouldn't be a problem because the bs-ing is mostly outlining -- kind of mindless.

Another piece I worked on (though not very much) was the Old European Sampler.

Actually, I got a bit disgusted with it and that's why I pulled out Adriana to work on.  For some reason, I don't enjoy working on this piece.  Maybe it's the colors? (though I did a Santa in the same colors and had a blast with him)  Or maybe the tightness?  (it is driving me a bit bonkers)  Maybe the fabric? (normally I like lugana)  Maybe the size? (I seem to want to stitch smaller things right now, go figure)  Maybe the repetition? (it does seem to go on forever)  Whatever the reason, when I went to bed Saturday night, I decided I was done with it.  Finished!  No more.  I would put it away and just forget about it.  I have lots of other projects I enjoy doing so why bother.  The end!

But after working on Adriana on Sunday, I cooled down and will give it another go.

I also managed to do a little more on the Tulip Sampler.  I thought I would get more of the big square done but only the border is completed.  I decided to do the border in rice stitches instead of cross stitches just to be a little different.  This is such a pretty pattern and I just love the colors.  And when I finish with tulips I'm going to start Halloween Quilt Sampler another Rosewood Manor piece with lots of bs-ing in it.  I already bought the pattern :) 

I have another update that isn't WIPocalpyse related -- I'm almost finished with Along Came a Spider.  Madame Spider just needs her legs.  The pattern calls for 4 -- egads! that will not do!  My nephew would never let me hear the last of it if I didn't give her the proper number of legs.  And the proper number she shall have -- 8 black hairy ones!  EEK!

Have a good weekend!

And Happy Labor Day!


  1. Your heron piece looks gorgeous! I hope you're able to start enjoying stitching on that second piece. It looks like it would be really pretty.

  2. That Old European Sampler looks wonderful! I hope you persevere and finish it, it would be a shame to not finish something that pretty

  3. Great projects! I really like your tulip sampler

  4. I love Adrianna. Can't wait for you to finish her. :) Everything looks so good, Marcy!