Friday, August 24, 2012

One more Christmas Friday post

I remembered to take a picture of the Christmas ornies for my nephews:

I bought some tiny black buttons to put on the Candy Sock over the stitched black buttons.  I think that will make a cute addition to it.  These 2 patterns are so cute -- I may need to stitch a pair for myself in my spare time.

I also got another square done on Rosewood Manor's Tulip sampler (the tall skinny one on the bottom).  For some reason or other, this one made me nervous -- all that backstitching just wasn't relaxing this time.  I was sooo glad when it was finished!  I hope this doesn't happen again -  there's still tons of bs-ing to do on this piece.  The square under this one is big and has lots of cross stitching in it so I'm planning on doing it next.  Hopefully that will be more fun and then I can go on to another session of bs-ing with a fresh, happy attitude.

That's the plan.

 My weekend is going to be spent grooming dogs, doing laundry and stitching.  Should be fun!  I hope your weekend is just as fun.


  1. Schöne Weihnachtsstickerei und der Tulip Sampler wird auch Klasse.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  2. The christmas Ornies are so cute!!! i love tulip sampler, I always wanted to see it stitched.

  3. Your stockings are gorgeous Marcy and the tulip wip is looking great. Enjoy the rest of your week.