Monday, October 27, 2014

He's finished with months to spare!

I haven't been doing much Christmas stitching this year.  Just not in the mood, I guess.  Not a good sign.  So I decided  to work on my Santa for 2014 to help get some Christmas cheer.  Introducing 2009 Santa by HeartStrings from the 2009 JCS Christmas edition. 

And here he is framed:

When I showed him to my dad, he commented on the cute sheep toy.  Hmmmm, I was thinking it was a little polar bear toy.

Every year, I stitch myself a Santa and I love keeping them up year round.  I have a wall of Santas in my hallway and he'll look nice there.

Santa for 2013 -- Stitched St. Nick VII,  Simply Old Fashioned

Santa for 2012 -- Wee Three, Lorri Birmingham.

Santa for 2011 -- And to All a Good Night, Cheryl Shaeffer

Santa for 2010 -- Rose Wreath Santa, Libby Sturdy

Santa for 2009

Santa for 2008, another one from Simply Old fashioned

Santa for 2007, Winter Magic, Cheryl Shaeffer
The beginning of my yearly Santas

My very first Santa from 1989 and still one of my favs.
It was a kit of some kind.

I love my Santa collection.


  1. Love your latest finish! And it is definitely a polar bear :D
    You have made some fabulous pieces over the years!

  2. That is definitely a polar bear. And your Santa collection is amazing!

  3. Another vote for polar bear! Love your Santa collection, what a lovely idea.

  4. another vote for polar cute..
    beautiful santa stitching..
    love and hugs x

  5. Superb collection of Santas, this years is wonderful on the blue fabric.