Thursday, September 25, 2014

Assorted Stitchy Stuff

A couple weeks ago I went to Antiques in the Woods in Columbiana, Ohio with a friend of mine.  I found these lovely tea towels.  I'm not sure what technique this is but it's gorgeous and definitely hand stitched.  They probably aren't antiques because one has a Made in Japan tag on it but that's okay.  They were incredibly cheap so I snarfed them up. They're too pretty to wipe my hands on so I won't be using them as towels.  Instead, they will serve as doilies hanging over the ends of my shelves.

That same weekend my EGA group held our President's Luncheon.  We always have some kind of stitchy class after we eat and this year it involved beading.  This is how the finished ornament will look:

And this is where I am in the process:

I added another square to my inch sampler .... a cupcake with cherry icing and chocolate sprinkles.  Yum!

And finally, I finished and stitched Yeow from Prairie Schooler for the Halloween SAL blog.  Our subject for September was black cats.  

I also finished Halloween Manor into an ornament.  The Manor is mine.  Yeow is a gift.  Both are hanging for my enjoyment until I mail Yeow off next week.

Happy stitching everyone!


  1. Your halloween stitches are great! Wonderful finishing!

  2. Great find those tea towels. and I believe Japan made could be vintage anyway! Love the little inch stitches!!

  3. wonderful stitching and i love halloween stitching so much..
    hugs x

  4. Love your Halloween little crosses, the finishes are fabulous!!

  5. Beautiful Halloween finishes! I love manor and your fabric choice for it.

  6. Love all the stitching and your tea towels will look very nice as doilies

  7. This beaded ornament you are making is looking very interesting. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
    Two great Halloween finishes.