Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stitching and puppy update

I spent more time stitching on Symmetry but have officially put it down to work on my GGM sampler. Here's were I stopped:

If you look at the original you may notice that I inadvertantly reversed the center squares, ie, the right is on the left, etc.  I didn't notice it until the zig-zag section was complete (ahem ... too busy watching Hugh Jackman on the telly, oh well.)  I decided it didn't really make a difference and just let it go -- the piece is, after all, called "Symmetry"  ;)

I also finished the current part of the Solo Brode piece and am looking forward to the next one:

And if Meadow will let me (she's being such a pest right now), I am trying to finish my GGM -- no new picture yet, mainly because I can't seem to get much stitching done with a beagle puppy crawling all over me.  LOL -- you know how that is ....

And speaking of dogs

I have a house guest for a couple weeks.  Her name is Ginger.  She is my neighbor's papillon and cute as a bug.  She is adjusting to the rhythm of my pack quite nicely. 
Even Firefly is beginning to find her not as objectionable.  And Firefly doesn't trust anydog.

And of course, I can't forget about little Meadow.  She's 5.5 months now, about 10.5 inches tall and has all her adult teeth (hooray!)

Here she is in my back yard following that elusive little mole.

And here she is sucking up to mummie after being such a pest all week.  I think even Shasta is getting tired of her antics.  It's a good thing baby beagles are soooo cute.  It keeps them alive long enough to become adult beagles ;)

Mind you,  not that adult beagles can't make royal pests of themselves also.


Later .....


  1. Awww, the pups are so cute! Especially that little beagle pup - adorable!! Great stitching too!! I don't think anyone will notice the reversal (except that you mentioned it they may find themselves checking the original now, LOL)!!!

  2. the stitching looks great! Very pretty!
    And oh my about the neighbors dog!!!! That is the kind my husband said he wants when ours dies. (he is a 15 yr. old poodle)

  3. Fantastic stitching and all the doggies are so cute!