Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Symmetry update

The third block of Symmety is finished.  I think it's cool that the blue centers of block 1 & 3 (which have the exact same threads) look so different.  The little black areas really stick out in block 1 while in block 3 they aren't so noticable.  It's such fun playing with colors and patterns and seeing the results.  This piece has such a masculine look to it even though there is lots of pink in it.  I'm thinking it's the black and grey (colors I don't usually use) that are doing it.

Even though I'm having a really good time working on Symmetry, I need to put is down for awhile and get stitching on some other things.  I have a hard time doing this -- putting such a fun piece down, that is.  But then I get going on something else and I have a fun time stitching it also.  Go figure ....

I finished the third part of the Solo Brode SAL.  Aren't the little birds cute?  This is such a pretty pattern (and another fun stitch - vbg).


  1. Thanks for visinting my blog
    Yes those birds are cute!

  2. Nice! At first I thought you'd switched to quilt making! The Brode piece is very pretty also.

  3. Many thanks!
    Judy at one time I wanted to learn how to make quilts but things didn't work out. It's probably best I didn't go that route, I'm lousy at sewing :)