Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

My Baumchen piece from the Sticklounge is coming along.  I changed out the white in the corners for the overdyed floss and stitched over the white flowers with satin stitches.  I'm holding off on the lower left corner until I get the tree trunk in -- this way I won't make a mistake lining everything up ..... hopefully.  I really like this piece -- the pattern is so pretty.

Well, I finally realized Thanksgiving is approaching -- which means Christmas will be here soon.  Yikes!  I need to get some holiday stitching done!  I have finished 3 ornaments and still need to do at least 2 more.  Don't you love the reindeer -- he's been eating way too much sugar.  I used polyester thread for his eyes -- so they have that glazed, shiny look of a sugar high.  He's going to a nephew.  The reindeer is from the 2010 Christmas ornament edition of Just Cross Stitch and the snow men are from the German magazine Hardanger.  I love them both and want to stitch one each for myself also.

Each year I stitch a Santa for my collection.  Unfortunately, I haven't taken the time to stitch my Santa for 2010 yet.  Soooo, the marathon stitch is on!  This year's Santa is Rose Wreath Santa by Libby Sturdy.  I bought him last year at the EGA Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA.  He has eyes, a nose and some skin as of yesterday .....
Here's hoping I can get him finished before Christmas.

I hope everyone has a peaceful Thanksgiving.  In my family, we have a lot to be thankful for this year.  My stepmother was in a bad car accident and has recovered beautifully!  Take care and enjoy!

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