Monday, August 29, 2011

A little stitching in petit point

One of my current projects in a Berlin Work Sampler.  I researched Berlin Work and discovered it was traditionally stitched in petit point with wool threads.   Soooo, I decided to give it a try -- the petit point, not the wool (sadly, I'm allergic to it).  Here's the result so far:

Basically, it's okay.  However, I have a problem with areas where there is supposed to be a diagonal line and the petit points don't touch because they are going in the wrong direction.  In the above pic, these troubling areas are easily seen in the large pink flowery thing.  The dark pink and dark brown lines aren't really lines on the left sides, unlike the right sides where the line is an actual line.  I suppose when the piece is far enough away that individual stitches can't be seen, the whole thing flows better but right now, under my magnifying glass, it's driving me (a little) nuts!

For a few weeks now, I've had a quiet, industrious guest on my back porch.  Unfortunately, against my white house it doesn't show up well.  This picture was taken early one foggy morning and was beautiful in person:

The spider moves into one of the tubes of my wind chime in the mornings, spends the day there, and comes out in the evenings to rebuild its web.  Fascinating!

And speaking of Spider.  Here's the little dude with his Auntie Willow that same morning:

Thanks for stopping by ......and may your day be filled with puppy kisses!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Stitching, stitching and more stitching -- woohoo!

To begin, I belong to the Fair and Square exchange group and have been working on my partner's squares.  She's a big fan of snowmen, hardanger and the color blue:

And if this little guy looks familiar to you, it's because I've stitched him before.  Isn't he the cutie?  He's also a fun stitch.

I received these square from my partner -- gorgeous!  This is by iStitch Designs and is so perfectly delicate.  I love it!  Thank you Linda.

For my next piece, I actually broke out my little sewing machine and used it to make my first little quilt -- taa daa!

Okay now -- no giggling or snickering from the back rows!  Yes, my sewing machine is about the size of a dictionary, only does straight stitches (that's 2 lenghts, thank you very much!) and is mostly plastic but it's "NOT A TOY"  and "Requires Adult Supervision" -- as is clearly labeled on both the machine and it's box. 

This was a first for me and I think it turned out okay.  I had a couple minor  problems while assembling my little quilt but I was determined to finish it without getting cranky and tossing the whole thing (that is, the cute little machine) across the room in frustration.  (Sewing machines and I have a somewhat rocky history that I would rather not go into here.)   I should also mention that I actually did hand quilting (another first and not viewable on this picture) along the seams.  Needless to say, the hand quilting needs some practice.

I painted the dowel rod black (so it looks much better) and still want to add a big button to this but that's basically it. 

I am very proud.

And now onto my Sticklounge projects:

This lovely piece, called Heart Note Alley, is becoming one of my favorites.  It is so graceful looking and the colors I chose are so soothing.  I love it!

This second piece is called Purple Garden (though mine isn't purple).  Everytime I stitch on it, I can't help but feel cheerful:

And this last project is called Berlin Work Sampler by Pelin Tezer.  I just started it yesterday so there isn't much to see yet:

And now for three beagles resting comfortably:

May your weekend be as restful!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yikes! it's been awhile

since my last post.  I've been really busy at work and at home.  I've been stitching some gifts (that I can't show you yet but will in the future) PLUS!  I finished another one of my crazy challenge pieces.  WooHoo!  It's called A Ghost's Alphabet by Primrose Needleworks:

I enjoyed stitching this and think it turned out so cute.  I have some Halloween fabric to finish this off as a small wall hanging.  This will be a complicated (for me) finish but I'm going to give it a go.  Wish me luck.

I also framed a bunch of my little projects.  The first three are Sticklounge SALs:

Graphic Sampler -- I added the lacey stitching at the top and bottom to fill in the empty space caused by the bigger frame.  The color of the frame was just too perfect to pass up.
Quickie Sampler -- I added a border to this piece, again to fill in some empty space caused by the larger frame.

Midnight Garden

The next two are designed by Hand Blessings -- I had lots of fun picking the thread colors for these two:

And the remaining framed pieces are:

One of my Crazy 2011 Challenge pieces from the Sampler Girl

The 2011 Easter SAL from  SoloBrode

And last, but not least, I finished Homage to Japan into a bell pull:

Sorry, not the best pic.

I think that's enough for now .... have a good Tuesday, everyone!