Thursday, February 2, 2012

Close but no cigar

I worked diligently on Adriana all last weekend but didn't get part 3 finished.  And unfortunately, I haven't been able to get any more stitching time since Sunday.  The dogs and I are back to agility training -- good for the dogs, bad for stitching.  Plus we are incredibly busy at work now  -- good for work, bad for stitching.  I'm hoping I can finish part three Friday evening (my only night off from doing dog stuff) -- though I can hear the couch calling  'NAP TIME' already.

Thank you for the suggestions for painting charms.  I read about using nail polish before and will give it a try.  I'm not too sure about spray paint.  I tend to make a royal mess with it.  Spray paints and glues, I'm not so good with -- you gotta know your limitations and those are definitely some of mine.

Happy Groundhog Day!

grumblegrumblegrumble -- 6 more weeks of winter --- I say we stew the lil rodent


  1. Love ths piece. Hope you get more time with it soon. :)

  2. oooo you sound a busy bee ... with all the dog training ... stitching is lovely and heheheh re the frog ... think nail polish may be the way forward too ... love mouse xxxxxx

  3. That's beautiful! I hadn't seen that version of the design before - only the green-on-green version. I stitched that one, as charted by Cross-Stitch-Art. She named it "Birds of Somerset", so I was very excited to find your version and do some googling on the original artist. You can see mine here:

    Thanks for sharing!