Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I used to be so organized . . .

sigh . . . not any more . . . sigh.

I participated in a Stitched with Love exchange called 'Animal Antics'.  My partner-to-stitch-for was Loretta and her favorite animal is the bear -- not a teddy bear -- a bear.  Hmmmm, easy enough.  So off  I went in search of a bear pattern.  I didn't actually remember such a pattern but surely amongst my stash I could find one.  Nope.  Nary a bear.

Well, perhaps I could find a log cabin and a bear charm or button to attach?  Yup, found a cute log cabin in the woods . . .  found a really nice log cabin quilt block . . .  found a charm? a button?  Nope.  Nary a one.  And I really liked the log cabin quilt block with a bear charm idea -- bummer.

Hmmmm, not so easy after all.

I guess I'll have to settle for a teddy bear.  Mind you, there were 2 other animals that were Loretta's 2nd and 3rd choice (easy ones, too, dogs and cats --I have tons of dog and cat patterns because they are some of my favs also.).  But no, I was determined to go with her first choice.  So back to my patterns I went in search of the Christmas teddy bear pattern book I knew was there (but never did find).  And in searching for that book, I came across this:

Check it out -- a BEAR!

And a suggestion for the BEAR sans forest friends -- perfect!

(Okay, now here's the lack of organization part.  I forgot to get the designer's name but if you check out your old "Cross Stitch and Country Crafts" Mar/Apr 1992 issue you can find it yourself.  Sorry.)

And here he is, made into a cute little pillow (a new-to-me finish and, yes, I'm very proud of it):

And the rest of the exchange (also please note the black, brown, white color combo -- the color of bears):

This was such a fun project because I really had to do some thinking and searching for bear things.

My partner-who-stitched-for-me in this exchange was Lainey who combined some of my favorite things into one package:

Check out all the butterflies!  And some in pink, no less.  Thank you Lainey!  I love it. The butterfly ornament she stitched hangs on my dresser mirror looking so pretty.  I'm very lucky :)


  1. Your hunt for the bear was very successful. What a handsome finish. Great job!

  2. It looks like it was a successful exchange
    Goodies in both

  3. The bear looks great, love the pillow! Congrats on your finish and the great package that you received also.

  4. I think it's a super successful exchange and oh so cute!! :D