Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October WIPocalypse

Unfortunately, I didn't get as much done this month as I had hoped.  Poor Adriana, which I wanted to have done by this update, didn't get anymore stitches added.  Nor did the Sticklounge Advent Calender or the Old European Sampler.  Sigh.

Instead, I spent an enjoyable month on Halloween and Exchanges (one of which is still a secret):

I did finally finish Something Wicked by La-D-Da.  It only needed the spiders added but had fallen to the bottom of my pile and was hidden -- until now:

I can't remember when I started this one but it was at least a year ago, maybe more (time flies when you're having fun).  I doubt it'll get 'ornamentized' before tomorrow but at least it's ready for the process.

The last piece I stitched on was the Christmas SAL from Carole and I'm happy to report it is up to date:

Carole's original design called for lots of white thread but the white doesn't show up well on my tea stained fabric (at least not stitched 1 over 1, it doesn't).  So I picked a light brown for the snow instead -- hmmm, better than yellow, don't you think?

I'm not signing up for any more exchanges or SAL's until after the new year.  I need to get more Christmas gifts stitched and will be spending most of my stitching time getting them done. 

And I really want to get Adriana finished before the world ends.


  1. Great progress this month.
    Love the witches shoe!

  2. I just love your Halloween ornies! I think your SAL looks great! I have that one saved...for one day!

  3. Fabulous Halloween ornaments! I love the Christmas SAL too. Wish I'd known about this one earlier!