Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October IHSW

I don't have much to show for IHSW -- though I wanted to get lots done, it just didn't happen.  I did go the my LNS on Saturday for her sale and bought some stuff.  It wasn't actually stitching, but it's stitching related. 

And then on Sunday, I finished my nephews' Halloween ornies into the actual ornaments:

I'm pleased with the results and hope the boys will be also.


  1. Those are awesome ornaments for your nephew
    Perfect finishes

  2. Great IHSW in my book, Marcy. Such cute finishes and stash to boot! :D

  3. Great ornies for your nephews. My son likes Hallowe'en stitching the most. I've made him a glow-in-the-dark ghostie kitty this year!

  4. Marcy
    I love your finished ornaments. You did a great job on both.