Friday, September 12, 2014

A super moon WIPocalypse update

I went out the other night to see the super moon and, frankly, it didn't look any closer or bigger than other full moons.  It was, however, a beautiful sight to see.

For my WIPocalypse update, I'm sad to say nothing on the older WIPs.  However, I did get some stitching in this month.  To begin, I started something new.  It's a sampler of inch sized blocks from a Facebook group.  Right now there are only 3 blocks done on my sampler.  When it's finished there will be 100.  I can't decide on a color for the separating border.  Many of the stitchers are using black thread, which looks nice.  I may use a dark brown like DMC 3371 but since I'm so indecisive, I'm leaving it blank for now.

Another project for this update is an exchange over at Fair and Square.  The subject of this exchange was NATURE.  Anything .... anything at all in nature.  Hmmm, such a big area from which to choose.   So I asked my partner, Linda, what she likes in nature.  She replied 'Everything'.  Well that narrowed things down a bit.  But when I learned a favorite color of hers is blue, I immediately knew she would love a blue butterfly (after all, who doesn't like butterflies).  So I picked my favorite butterfly pattern.  And so for about the 4th time now, I stitched the butterfly from Butterflies and Flowers, an older design from Carolina Cross Stitch.  Happily, Linda likes my butterfly.

I love this pattern.  It's fun to change the colors and play with the stitch inside the wings.  Here are a couple more I've stitched.

And because I can't get this darned tablet to do what I want, here's the link for Measi's WIPocalypse blog to check out the other WIPocalypsers (now that's a mouth full).  That's where I'm going after I'm done here to see what everyone's been stitching.  Have a good stitchy day!


  1. What an enchanting moon photo and I like your color variations :)

  2. Bonjour Marcy, as tu reçu mon message et mon colis, je suis inquiétés ?
    bonne soirée

  3. Lovely little squares project.

  4. Beautiful butterflies! I love the purple pinky one the best. xo