Monday, September 15, 2014

Tutti Fruitti Exchange is complete

I recently participated in an exchange hosted over at Mii Stitch.  It was the Tutti Fruitti exchange, celebrating all things fruit, and was great fun.  I received the most awesome purse from Veronique.  Let me say this first, I don't sew or quilt or anything like that.  I have managed to learn some rudamentary hand sewing to make little pillows or ornaments but that's it.  So when I get something like this, I'm awe struck that someone would make it for me.

Isn't it lovely?  Thank you Veronique!  It's wonderful!  And cherries are one of my favorites  ... yum!

But that isn't all.  Veronique sent some super fruitti goodies with this.  I especially like the blueberry pattern (which came with threads but I forgot to take out to photograph) because my dad's favorite fruit is blueberries.  I'll be stitching this for him sometime soon.

For my part, I stitched strawberries for Albena onto a little pillow.

And had fun searching for fruitti goodies to add to the package.  And Albena, being a quick stitcher, has already finished the little Summer pattern.

Many thanks to Ingrid over at Mii Stitch for hosting this exchange.  It was a fun one!

I also want to post a pic of my inch sampler.  I've added 2 more squares, a red headed little witch and a butterfly.  Still undecided about the border color.

Have a good day!


  1. Glad you've enjoyed it! Both received and sent packages were great. The "finished" pieces are both adorable :)

  2. What cute fruit gifts you received and sent! Also beautiful progress on the inch sampler.