Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back from the framer!

I picked up these pieces from the framer's the other day.

Friendship Heart
Can you believe it?  I forgot to sign and date this one -- duh!

Purple Garden
I'm going to call this my Sunshine Garden instead
Lotsa  P O P ! ! !

Tree of Stitches
Not only is black hard to stitch on, it's hard to get a good picture.
The original picture is awful, this has been photoshoped
 significantly to make it look better
(and it still doesn't look as good as real life)

And here is a new project.  It's a Sticklounge SAL with 24 tiny parts -- like an Advent Calendar.  Many of the stitchers are making ornaments.  That's too much finishing for me.  I'm making one large sampler with all the tiny ornies and calling it "A Sticklounge Christmas".   And as for finishing, I plan to make it into a banner.  This is the first installment -- isn't it sweet?

The pattern calls for traditional Christmas colors but I'm not going in that direction.  Mainly because I really dislike what happens when red and green are next to each other -- either you get brown or they visually fight each other, which drives me crazy!  So I'm going with burgundy, pink, teal, brown and gold -- a calmer color palette.

And now to totally change the subject, my Spider was officially 6 months old on Monday.   It doesn't take long for them to grow up.  Hmmmmm, maybe I should take a more recent photo of him?

Happy 6 Months, Spider!

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