Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gone to the dogs ....

I do have one stitching related update before this whole blog goes to the dogs.  I made this heart for one of the moderators of the Sticklounge yahoo group for her 50th birthday.  Since it was included in a wonderful birthday quilt full of hearts and given to her recently, the surprise is over. 

I have been stitching but keep forgetting to take pictures - duh.  I did take some pics of my pups on the occassion of Spider's 6 month birthday and, without further ado, here they are:

I took about 4 of these before Firefly
would look toward me and not
the door.  It was a chilly day out and
they all wanted back inside -- and a
perfect opportunity for this group photo was born.

Neither River nor Stormy want to share the limelight.

Mainly because they don't like the other dogs.
Here are the kids pestering, er, playing with mom.

Stormy loves his deflated soccer ball.
At the age of 12, he's not allowed to play
with it very often, mainly because he's an idiot
and can't  play unless it's 100%. 
Resulting in a visit to the doggie chiropractor
because he puts his back out.
I'll try to remember to get some stitchy photos for my next post.  Until then .... arrooo!


  1. What a beautiful heart! I'm sure she will treasure it!

    Great dog photos! They are all so cute!!

  2. I love Beagles! Do not forget to share more pictures of pups too... The heart is lovely.