Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My first International Hermit & Stitch Weekend

Last weekend was a stitchy-kind of weekend so I decided to join other stitchy hermits.  And here's what I worked on:

First I finished the Noel block on the bottom and the Holly block on the top of my Sticklounge Christmas Sampler.

Then I finished part 10 of the Heart Note Alley SAL.

The third project is my Santa for 2011.  I finished the chair legs, the calendar on the wall and his sack.

And the last project (Old European Sampler) involved lots of reverse stitching because I was off 1 row (ggrrrr!) on the hexagonal row.  After ripping it out I got some of it done ... again.
And there you have it, my first IHSW.


  1. You stitched so much!! :D
    Love you santa, adorable! =)

  2. Wow -- congrats on a considerble amount of progress. I wonder why everyone else's needles work so much fster than mine?

    Here's to your next stitching hours NOT involving excessive frogging though!

  3. Lots of progress! That Old European Sampler is stunning!!

  4. I really like the santa, he is lovely.

  5. Awesome progress on everything. I really love the Sticklounge piece. :D

  6. wow congrats you had a busy weekend!