Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Craziness plus a birthday!

Crazy day 11 pattern is another Sampler Girl called The Old Black Cat:

I did pretty good with this one last night -- at least I managed to stay awake.

Today is Meadow's first birthday.  It's hard to believe that a year ago she was this tiny, blind puppy -- a little eating, sleeping, peeing, pooping machine:

Three months later she's this sweet little running, jumping, chewing, eating, sleeping, peeing, pooping machine:

And a year later, she's developed into this adorably, wonderful, eating, sleeping, playing machine (thank heavens the chewing, peeing and pooping are under control):

My bouncing baby beagle is all grown up (snif) but still cute as the dickens:

Around Thanksgiving, we had a family portrait taken -- from l to r, Rudy (poppa), Shasta (momma), Meadow.  You can see where she gets her good looks .....

Thanks for looking .... and I'll be back tomorrow with more craziness.  Only 4 more starts to go.


  1. What a beautiful family picture! Meadow sure is sweet.

  2. Your little dog family is so adorable.

  3. Oh my gosh !! Can she be any more adorable?? Beagles are just so much fun.... full of energy.

  4. How lovely they are !! Awsome !!!! ...