Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Christmas on Day 5

I bought this little kit a few years ago and am finally taking the time to stitch it:

I'm not a big kit fan but thought these little guys were terribly cute so had to have them.  The kit uses ecru thread for the beards, clothing trim and border areas but I'm thinking I'll change that to white.   The ecru looks "dirty" and doesn't show up well.  I think white will add more punch.  The eyelets are in the ecru and when I get back to this one, I plan to stitch the beard and trim in white to compare.  I may also change the eyelets from floss to perle coton.

After 5 days of stitching Christmas, I need a change.  So for days 6 and 7, I plan to begin two of the Sampler Girl's patterns.  These will be repeat stitchings.  I did them as a gift for a friend last year and planned on doing them for myself also.  Of course, I never got around to it.  And without this January craziness, I probably wouldn't have for another couple years, if ever.  I'm so excited!  I love these two patterns, the second one especially makes me laugh:

Until tomorrow ....


  1. That is a cute kit!!!!! Your next 2 choices look great also.

  2. Oh, that Santa Bellpull is the cat's whiskers! Soooo adorable!

    I like your Sampler Girl patterns, too. And I'm with you - I wouldn't finish half of what I hope to finish this year if it weren't for the Challenge! :O) It just makes it more fun somehow!

  3. love the bell pull and the samplers....